Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You're the one I've waited for.

Woof, I really let this aspect of my shit drop off for a minute there! I've been a LiveJournal user since high school so it's been hard for me to get used to making the switch, but I want to start keeping the WR2BAM:LIFE blog on the up and up and kind of shuffle my personal blogging over here. So I thought I'd start it up again with a little bit of an introduction post, because even though I've been running WR2BAM on the regular for almost two years, there's only so much that a fashion blog can tell you about a person, right?

In a nutshell.

So, I'm Sara M. I'm 24 years old and I've been holding it down in Long Beach since I was 19. I was raised in Flagstaff, Arizona and spent my teen years in Orange County. For the last four years I've worked at an architecture and interiors firm in Newport Beach and I also do freelance writing work, mainly screenwriting and script editing for a small L.A.-based production company. My ultimate goal is to be a writer (besides WR2BAM and my freelance work, I'm also working on a novel).

I have a pretty awesome boyfriend, Rusty, with whom I've been for coming up on three years:


I run with a pretty bitchin' pack of ladies, most importantly my longtime BFF Jennie, who is an incredible illustrator as well as being an all-around amazing human being:

At her brother's bachelor party in Detroit, July 2008.

And my roommate and pretty much constant partner in crime, Farron:

Doing what we do in Big Sur, August 2009.

So, let's keep this simple. Besides fashion, I'm into heavy metal (but you already knew that), road trips, geodesic domes and the theories of Buckminster Fuller in general, writing, reading, super-trashy reality TV, punk and oi, architecture (particularly midcentury modern and prefab both midcentury and contemporary), shooting guns, feminism, alt comics, skateboard culture even though I can't skate a lick, motorcycle culture even though I've only ever ridden on the back of a hog, vintage Airstream trailers, traditional country and western music (I'm huge into Loretta Lynn), karaoke, getting tattooed, and partying hardy.

That's the general background. I'm going to try to keep this thing afloat.

Gossip Girl Sara M.

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