Monday, January 12, 2009

Made from Rattlesnake Hide

One of my best friends, JoshR (who also DJs rockin' tunes at bars around southern CA and has a great band called the Meka Leka His), has some of his stuff featured in an art show at Glass House Records in Pomona, CA. We went over to the opening on Saturday night.

Click for full size.

Toys That Kill played...I'm not really into them, but they did play a cover of Cock Sparrer's "I Got Your Number," so I was stoked on that because Cock Sparrer is one of my favorite bands of all time (do yourself a favor and pick up Shock Troops for those days when you need an early '80s working class punk pick-me-up).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shake Appeal.

RIP Ron Asheton.

The Stooges were one of the first punk rock bands I ever heard. Ron was a shredding guitarist and this is a major loss for the rock world. I listened to Raw Power on the drive home last night and I suggest everyone do the same, in remembrance.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Detroit Rock City

I just felt I should brag a little bit and post the Christmas present I made for my KISS-loving friend Andy. The Destroyer album cover was my inspiration:

Click for full size.

And I came up with these felt monster versions of the band members:

Click for full size.

Close ups:

Gene Simmons

Ace Frehey

Paul Stanley

Peter Criss

I wish I had better pictures of these guys because in person they are about a hundred times better looking. Andy was floored when he opened the box.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cottonwood, AZ

My dad lives in Cottonwood, AZ, which is a little town in the Verde Valley about an hour south of Flagstaff, the town where I grew up. Rusty and I made the eight hour drive out there the day after Christmas for a visit. I hadn't been in a few years and it's always strange to find myself in a place so incredibly different from Long Beach and to still feel so connected to it.

Here are some photos from the adventure. Click for full size:

Sedona red rocks and me in my feather earrings.

Sedona red rocks.

Montezuma Castle (ancient Sinagua Indian ruins in Camp Verde, AZ).

Me and my handsome boyfriend.

At Tuzigoot, another Sinagua Indian ruin.

We brought Rusty's gun collection and did some shooting out on Mingus Road.

I always like visiting Northern Arizona, but I'm always glad to be back. I guess it kind of freaks me out to think about how different my life would be if I had stayed in AZ at 12 instead of moving to Southern California with my mom.