Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking the Bay (and More!)

OK, I figured I would write a little bit about Cunt Sparrer's mini-tour up to the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago. We had an amazing time -- overall we couldn't have met more nice people, played more fun shows, or been treated better by almost everyone involved, from the fans to the people running the venues to the other bands.

The Sunday before we left, June 13th, we did a semi-acoustic show at the Nomadic Image art gallery in downtown Santa Ana.  My longtime friend Andy works there and managed to finagle us onto the bill.  He also happens to be an extremely talented photographer and he took these shots of us at that show, which was really low-key and a lot of fun:

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On Wednesday we left L.A. and drove up to the Bay.  Spent the first night in San Jose with Jennie's brother and his husband.  On Thursday we drove into San Francisco for our first show on the U.S. Bombs tour.  We had to load in at Slim's around 5:30 so we spent a couple of hours tooling around the city, then headed over to the venue, where we sound checked:

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Our friend Nikki, who we stayed with while we were in SF, showed up shortly after we arrived so we kicked it outside for a bit after sound check.

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Then we were told we could go down to our dressing room, which was a shock enough in itself to us! The bill included two other bands besides us and the U.S. Bombs: the Forgotten and Druglords of the Avenues. The Bombs and the Forgotten had their own green rooms; we shared ours with the guys from Druglords, who could not have been cooler, nicer, or funnier. Seriously, a great group of dudes.

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The Slim's folks kept refilling our cooler with beers so there was hardly a need to leave the dressing room until we played at 8:15.  I really thought we'd be playing to an empty house but there was already a decent amount of people there, including some of the guys from Rancid (who I didn't see but were apparently digging us!) and even a few of our own fans who had come out just to see us.  It was a pretty great show; the audience was rad and lively and the sound was amazing.

After we played we got pretty drunk and watched the other bands, chit chatted with Lou (our booker) a lot, and met some of our fans.  We were wasted and back at Nikki's by like 1:00 in the morning.

On Friday we were scheduled at the Shire Road Club in Sacramento for our second night with the U.S. Bombs.  The Druglords guys were on the bill as well, plus the Hanover Saints and a local Sacto band.  Got to the venue around 6:00 and it was a lot lower-key than Slim's; just one small green room for all the bands and because it was an all-ages club we were only allowed to drink in the green room and onstage, so that's pretty much where we hung out!  Couple shots from that show:

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Hardly anyone was there early enough to see us play but the few people that did show were cool, and we had fun.  And that night we actually got to meet and hang out with the guys from the U.S. Bombs!  They were super cool, really nice guys.  Here we are with Duane Peters and Kerry Martinez:

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And here we are with Lou Medrano, who booked us on the shows with the Bombs and without whom none of this would have happened...we love him:

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On Saturday we were on our own as the Bombs tour headed back down South and we had a headlining show at the Stork Club in Oakland with our girlfriends in a great little three-piece called the City and an amazing all-girl Kinks cover band called the Minks!  We were so busy that night we didn't get any photos but one of our fans was kind enough to send this shot over to me:

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On Sunday we had to drive home (boo). Here's a little video wrap-up our friend Nikki made of our time in SF and Oakland:

So now we're back down south, but we'll be heading back up to the Bay Area the weekend of August 14-15! Until then we're keeping ourselves occupied recording -- here are a couple shots from our first session last weekend:

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And we have some shows coming up as well. If you're local to the Long Beach area, come see us July 6th at Di Piazza's with Cat Party, Knives, and some other bands. and if you can make it out to the Inland Empire later in the month, get over to Angelo's in Pomona for this all-tribute night with some other awesome cover bands!

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Til next time dudes.

Sara M.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm here!

Sorry I'm so neglectful to this section of the blog -- I've been super busy! A lot has been happening in my life over the past few months but I just wanted to stop by and fill you guys in on the most exciting thing, which is that my Cock Sparrer cover band, CUNT SPARRER*, is taking off. We played our first show on Saturday at my friend John Boy's vintage store, Scuda (sadly now departed).

Setting up...

...rocking! Click for full size.

We are playing again on May 8th at FA4 Gallery in Long Beach, and on May 27th at Redwood Bar in downtown L.A. We are also working on booking a couple of shows in San Francisco in June, so if you are close to any of those spots I hope you come check us out! Here's one of our videos.

*We've been getting some flak over this on the Internet so I'd like to clarify that yes, we realize the "Cock" in "Cock Sparrer" refers to roosters and not the male genitalia -- we just picked our name because it's funny and obvious for a girl band.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is what it is.

2010 has been amazing so far. I made a resolution to myself to take on this year with a really positive approach, and I'm throwing myself into a lot of new creative projects so I feel like I'm doing shit with myself. My boyfriend is awesome and I've been having a great time.

Here are some photos that were taken of me and Rusty at a party in Hollywood on Saturday night:

Click for full size.

Our third anniversary was in December and I still feel really lucky that we found each other. He's a seriously great dude!

Creatively, what's taking up a lot of my time right now is a new band project I'm working on with my best friend Jennie. I wrote about Cock Sparrer in this blog a few months ago and now I can reveal that Jennie and I are putting together an all-girl Cock Sparrer cover band called Cunt Sparrer (duh). Originally we planned on doing really straightforward covers, but one day we were fucking around with the instruments she has at her place and ended up putting together some songs using an acoustic guitar and a polychord selector, which is a kids' electric organette from the late '70s that Jennie found at a flea market. So we're taking a more kitschy, low-fi approach. Here are early videos of our covers of "Riot Squad" and "Take 'Em All":

We're planning on adding a drummer and incorporating more instruments and voices. For now though we're pretty stoked on how things are progressing!