Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm here!

Sorry I'm so neglectful to this section of the blog -- I've been super busy! A lot has been happening in my life over the past few months but I just wanted to stop by and fill you guys in on the most exciting thing, which is that my Cock Sparrer cover band, CUNT SPARRER*, is taking off. We played our first show on Saturday at my friend John Boy's vintage store, Scuda (sadly now departed).

Setting up...

...rocking! Click for full size.

We are playing again on May 8th at FA4 Gallery in Long Beach, and on May 27th at Redwood Bar in downtown L.A. We are also working on booking a couple of shows in San Francisco in June, so if you are close to any of those spots I hope you come check us out! Here's one of our videos.

*We've been getting some flak over this on the Internet so I'd like to clarify that yes, we realize the "Cock" in "Cock Sparrer" refers to roosters and not the male genitalia -- we just picked our name because it's funny and obvious for a girl band.