Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is what it is.

2010 has been amazing so far. I made a resolution to myself to take on this year with a really positive approach, and I'm throwing myself into a lot of new creative projects so I feel like I'm doing shit with myself. My boyfriend is awesome and I've been having a great time.

Here are some photos that were taken of me and Rusty at a party in Hollywood on Saturday night:

Click for full size.

Our third anniversary was in December and I still feel really lucky that we found each other. He's a seriously great dude!

Creatively, what's taking up a lot of my time right now is a new band project I'm working on with my best friend Jennie. I wrote about Cock Sparrer in this blog a few months ago and now I can reveal that Jennie and I are putting together an all-girl Cock Sparrer cover band called Cunt Sparrer (duh). Originally we planned on doing really straightforward covers, but one day we were fucking around with the instruments she has at her place and ended up putting together some songs using an acoustic guitar and a polychord selector, which is a kids' electric organette from the late '70s that Jennie found at a flea market. So we're taking a more kitschy, low-fi approach. Here are early videos of our covers of "Riot Squad" and "Take 'Em All":

We're planning on adding a drummer and incorporating more instruments and voices. For now though we're pretty stoked on how things are progressing!